Biotech & Tech Showcase Startups

Biotech Showcase Startups (12:30-1:30pm in Zhang Auditorium)

12:30-12:35pm: Axerion – a private Connecticut-based biotechnology company based on discoveries by Dr. Stephen Strittmatter that is focused on developing innovative therapeutics for neurological diseases and injuries with significant unmet medical need.

12:35-12:40pm: CaroGen Corporation – an emerging vaccine immunotherapy company employing a virus-like vesicle (VLV) platform technology developed at Yale University School of Medicine and exclusively licensed for the development and commercialization of vaccine immunotherapies worldwide.

12:40-12:45pm: Isoplexis – a precision engineering platform developed at Yale and Caltech to detect the full (omic) set of functions from thousands of single patient cells. This unprecedented quantity and quality of data from single cells is providing breakthrough clinical biomarker insights into highly urgent areas of oncology.

12:45-12:50pm: Biorez – a clinical stage regenerative medicine company.

12:50-12:55pm: Aeromics – exploiting a revolutionary new understanding of water physiology to develop first-in-class therapeutics.

12:55-1:00pm: Kleo Therapeutics – a biotechnology company based on discoveries by David Spiegel pioneering a new class of immunotherapies utilizing small molecules to activate an individual’s own immune system to fight against cancers and infectious diseases.

1:00-1:05pm: Tangen Biosciences – a novel, portable instrument that will allow the best point-of-care nucleic acid diagnostics to be brought to anyone in the world.

1:05-1:10pm: Immunova – delivering desired combinations of drugs in nanoparticle formulations to the disease microenvironment.

1:10-1:15pm: Eli Nutrition – developing an antacid called Tummyzen, which is a zinc-based over-the-counter acid reducer.

1:15-1:20pm: pHLIP – detecting, targeting and treating acidic diseased tissue using selective insertion and folding of membrane peptides. The primary application market is oncology.

Tech Showcase Startups (12:30-1:30pm in Room 2400)

12:30-12:35pm: C8 Sciences – a revolutionary brain training program for children which enhances cognitive function, memory, focus and more.

12:35-12:40pm: Saphlux – the world’s first mass-producible semi-polar GaN materials on a large-size wafer with the ability to revolutionize lighting, developed by Yale Professor Jung Han.

12:40-12:45pm: Mental Canvas – a software company that is developing a new class of graphical-media-design system developed by Yale Professor Julie Dorsey that lies between today’s 2D digital draw-and-paint systems and 3D computer-aided design systems.

12:45-12:50pm: Catalytic Innovations – developing electrochemical solutions to reduce energy consumption in refining processes and for gas-to-liquid transformations.

12:50-12:55pm: Quantum Circuits, Inc. – scaling solutions for quantum computation building the first practical quantum computer based on superconducting devices.

12:55-1:00pm: Ancera – helping food producers assess microbial risk from farm to consumer by integrating the latest in single cell transport and characterization with predictive data systems.

1:00-1:05pm: Dodo OmniData – developing a long-term high-density data storage technology based on DNA nanotechnology.

1:05-1:10pm: AUCMOS – implementing a unipolar cmos layout in Si-based IoT circuits and smart sensors to reduce fabrication cost and power consumption.

1:10-1:15pm: Mobile Sense – building foundational technology enabling off-the-chest wearables for long term management of cardiac arrhythmias.

1:15-1:20pm: Arccos Golf – using GPS and Bluetooth technology to track your golf game automatically on your phone.