Poster Session & Pitchoffs

The Yale Innovation Summit offers a premier opportunity to showcase breakthrough Yale technologies to a large number of interested investors and industry leaders, both through a prominent electronic poster display with interactive screens and through a Biotech and Tech Pitch Contest with cash prizes of up to $5,000. This year, e-poster participants will also have the opportunity to also give a short pitch on a stage in the Evans Hall Courtyard.

*Please note: Strong preference will be given to founders with a current Yale affiliation spinning a technology out of Yale, but consideration may be extended to alumni or community startups based on availability. Prior year pitch contestants are welcome to present a poster, but will not be considered for the pitch contests to give others an opportunity.

See the ePosters from the 2018 Summit


Password: yale2018

E-Poster Session

Electronic posters will be displayed throughout the event in the outdoor event space at Evans Hall where lunch is served. Investors and industry leaders are encouraged to circulate and speak to investigators. $500 cash prize for best Biotech poster and best Tech Poster. See the winners here.

Biotech & Tech Pitch Contests

Yale investigators with early-stage startups pitch for cash prizes up to $5,000.


12:30-1:30pm  Biotech Pitch Contest (Zhang Auditorium)
Moderator: Rob Bettigole,
Elm Street Ventures

Pacific Oncovirus – Lassa-VSV targets and eliminates brain cancer
Team: Anthony van den Pol [Video] [Slide Deck] Second Place

Vittix Therapeutics – Curing idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis with thyroid hormone mimetics
Team: Naftali Kaminski, Milica Vukmirovic [Video] [Slide Deck]

NASHTherapeutics – Clinical development of a compound for non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, the most common liver disease in the US
Team: Wajahat Mehal [Video] [Slide Deck]

Center Pharm – NCS1 – a new target for Wolfram syndrome
Team: Barbara Ehrlich [Video] [Slide Deck]

Domillin – Keeping the antibiotic miracle alive
Team: Mark Plummer [Video] [Slide Deck]

EvolveImmune – Novel platform technologies and targets for development of new cancer (immuno-) therapies
Team: Sidi Chen, Charles Fuchs

Paci-PHI – Evolution-proof therapy against multi-drug resistant bacterial pathogens
Team: Paul Turner, Benjamin Chan [Video] [Slide Deck] First Place

Innatia – RIG-I agonists as next-gen immunotherapies
Team: Anna Pyle, Akiko Iwasaki [Video] [Slide Deck] Third Place

12:30-1:30pm  Tech Pitch Contest (Room 2400)
Moderator: Monica Kolinsky,
Wiggin and Dana

PremieBreathe – Low-cost breathing aid for newborns
Team: Anjelica Gonzalez [Video] Second Place

SOL – The new face of mental health
Team: Nicholas Chedid, Anusha Raja [Video] [Slide Deck]

HybriTech – Hybrid technologies for cereal crops
Team: Maria Moreno [Video] [Slide Deck]

ProteoWise – Rapid, low cost, multiplexed, bench-top proteomics
Team: Erik Gunther, Mikhail Kostylev, Stephen Strittmatter
[Video] [Slide Deck] Third Place

Expect With Me – Revolutionizing health care by reducing costs and improving outcomes
Team: Jessica Lewis, Jeannette Ickovics [Video] [Slide Deck]

CORISMA – Novel cardiac device bridges critical treatment gap
Team: Jiheum Park, Pramod Bonde [Video] [Slide Deck]

Integraid Immune – A genetics-free approach to producing potent T cells in a bedside manner for cancer, autoimmunity and infections
Team: Tarek Fahmy [Video] [Slide Deck]

Nth Cycle – Providing a secure supply of rare earth and specialty metals for advanced electronics
Team: Desirée Plata, Megan O’Connor [Video] [Slide Deck] First Place